• Customer Standards

    Applying the toughest criteria across all compliance issues, Complete documentation from entry to delivery
  • Our Accreditations

    We pride ourselves on always delivering a high level of professionalism and legal expertise for all of our clients
  • Quality and Timely

    Sourcing things in a manner that ensures that quality inputs are provided on time
  • Customer Satisfaction

    Satisfaction to us it is a measure of how products and services supplied by our company meet or surpass customer expectation.

Who we are

AviraSolution is a limited company which focused in delivering high quality service, reliably and which add value to all our customers. Our enterprise deals with business of whole of Machinery equipment and supply, agricultural raw material and live animals, Distribution and supply of steam and air conditioning, Supply of electronic devices, power generation, transmission and distribution, Distribution of gaseous, fuel through mains, Involving in whole sale of household goods, Involving in a business of whole sale foods and beverage, To deal with undifferentiated service producing activities of private households own use, etc.


  • Quality

    We take pride in all business aspects ensuring the best quality when sourcing products, be sure to try our fish & seafood products for a taste of pure quality and why not pair it with a relaxing glass of wine.
  • Our Importing/Exporting Services

    We are a Tanzania import export company (merchants in importing and exporting) with worldwide bulk and value-added products to the retail.

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